Tourist and Lover Found DEAD in Boracay Hotel Room


A Filipino and Australian Tourists Were Found Dead Inside Their Hotel Room

A Filipino and an Australian tourist were found dead in their hotel room on Boracay island on March 21.

A staff member of the hotel discovered the lifeless couple, both 44 years old, when the staff checked on them as it was their check-out schedule and found the pair lying close to each other on the floor of their room.

The hotel guests, identified as Dennis Yu, 44, a Filipino citizen based on his identification card, and Maria Cecilia Jellicode, identified through her Australian passport. The demised couple's body showed injuries indicating natural causes did not bring their passing according to the initial investigation by the Malay, Aklan police station. 

Lt. Col. Don Dicksie De Dios, Malay police chief, confirmed that the dead couple's belongings, including cash, jewelry, laptop computers, and cellphones, were untouched. 

Yu and Jellicode arrived on the island on March 13 and reportedly extended their stay, and were expected to check out on Monday, March 21. According to witnesses' accounts, the couple was seen having breakfast a day prior and showed nothing unusual.

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