About Boracay Island

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Boracay is a tropical paradise and the Philippines' most renowned beach and top tourist magnet. It constitutes an area of 10km², including agricultural land and preserved forest.

Alas, the tiny island proved overly famous for its own sake; in 2018, the government put Boracay in "rehab." It was closed for six months to ease the burden on its delicate environment and correct the infrastructure and carrying capacity. After taking a breather, Boracay came back greener and more pristine than ever.

Despite its small size, TripAdvisor listed two of its beaches – White Beach and Yapak – among its Top 25 Beaches in Asia in 2020. It also ranked second in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards for the Best Islands in the World in 2019.

Once famous as a party island, Boracay is now a laidback escape ideal for everyone from couples to families.

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