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Comedian ATTACKED on Stage


An armed man tackled Dave Chappelle on stage while performing at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl Arena.

An armed audience member climbed onto the stage and attacked comedian Dave Chapelle in the middle of the latter's performance at the Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl arena. Audience members captured the assault with their cellphones that quickly flooded social media showing a man appearing to run onto the stage floor and attack the comic.

The suspect was carrying a deadly weapon, later determined to be a knife replicated into a handgun. 

This unfortunate incident happened on the sixth day of the Netflix Is a Joke Fest at the Hollywood Bowl. Security was able to catch the suspect and subdued him when he ran towards the back of the screen on stage. Chappelle repeatedly asked the guards to remove the guy off the stage. 

The suspect was arrested for felony assault and taken to a hospital for superficial injuries he incurred. Los Angeles Police Department identified the assailant as Isaiah Lee, 23 years old, from Los Angeles. 

Meanwhile, Chappelle did not obtain injuries from the attack. 

Moments after the fiasco, fellow comedian Chris Rock, who performed beforehand, came on stage with Chappelle and jokingly asked if it was Will Smith. 

Smith made headlines in March during the Academy Award when the actor dashed on stage and slapped Rock after the comedian made a quip about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

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