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Johnny Depp Shoved Liquor Bottle Inside Amber Heard Amber Heard accuses ex-husband Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her with a liquor bottle.


Actress Amber Heard tearfully recounts on the stand Thursday

As she narrated a violent fight with her then-husband Johnny Depp in Australia and accused Depp of penetrating her vagina repeatedly with a liquor bottle, leaving her retching and bloodied. The nightmare unfolded in March 2015, when Depp was filming the fifth installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie franchise in Australia.  Heard said they got into an argument about drinking, and Depp mocked her with a bottle of liquor he was holding — which dropped to the floor and broke after she grabbed it, causing Depp to be triggered.

She stated that Depp threw her on a table, hit her repeatedly in the face, punched the wall next to her head, and ripped up her burgundy nightgown.  The actress continued to testify through tears that Depp held the broken bottle against her face, neck area, by her jawline and told her that Depp would cut up her face. Heard asserted that she felt pressure on her pubic bone and could feel Depp's arm moving and seemingly punching her.

She recalled looking around the room and seeing all the broken bottles and remembered not wanting to move because of fear that the bottle inside her could have been the broken bottle that Depp had held onto her face earlier.  She claimed to be in the bathroom, retching and failing to control her bladder, and was bleeding from her vagina. 

Depp denied all allegations and insisted that it was the other way around. That he is, in fact, the one being abused and the survivor of domestic violence.

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