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    Agents ask that viewers look at these types of cases and contact these individuals, or local police with any relevant information.This bank robber was captured by security cameras for both occasions wearing the same outfit, and it appears, the same mask.The following bank robber was captured by protection cameras on both occasions sporting the same outfit, and it appears, precisely ray ban aviator the same mask.Chicago’s Most Wanted: 2013 year enderChicago’s The majority of Wanted: 2013 year enderUpdated: Friday, December 27 2013 5:32 PM EST2013 12 27 23:32:13 GMTChicagos Most Wanted: Leeson TaylorChicagos Most Wished: Leeson TaylorUpdated: Friday, December 20 2013 3:43 PM EST2013 12 20 20:43:51 GMTThis was a murder which happened in Chicago in August 1976. Catherine Taylor has been shot numerous times during a new domestic dispute outside her home. She later died from her injuries.This was a murder that happened in Chicago throughout August 1976.

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