United by Boracay
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United by Boracay

We are connected by the charm and beauty of this island paradise. We are drawn by its magic the moment our feet caress the fine white sand beach and as we are openly welcomed by the island dwellers. Foreign and local tourists fall in love and wishes to stay forever that others come back once or twice a year if not migrate and stay forever.


As we explore this island we meet interesting people from all over the world and make friends as we share this little gem called Boracay. Days and nights are shared by strangers only for a minute but after a face gets a name they become a part of our circle of friends —our family.

Now it’s about time we keep in touch with people we meet even after we leave the island. We can exchange messages with new found friends, restaurants, hotels, tour guides and everyone that made our stay memorable and fun through www.boracay.com. This is a social media site dedicated to people who loves Boracay and wants to share the experience to everyone around the world.


This site will enable you to get updates on what’s new and what’s to look forward to in your next visit to Boracay. You will also get a glimpse of the celebrities and personalities who visited the island. It’s time to be seen and be connected with Boracay, sign up now at www.boracay.com.